7 Must-Try Haircuts for Men & Hairstyles in 2024

Refined, Clean, & Very Short Barber Look:

This hairstyle is set to be incredibly popular in 2024, aligning with clean and luxury fashion trends. It offers a sleek, minimalist look with natural texture, making it easy to style and maintain.

Ivy League Cut:

Inspired by Korean styles, the Ivy League cut is gaining traction globally. This chic variation of the short barber style resembles a classic crew cut but with added texture on top.

Crew Cut:

The Crew Cut is making a strong comeback in 2024, celebrated for its simplicity and natural texture. With longer hair on top and shorter sides, it features a gradual taper from front to back.

Buzz Cut:

The Buzz Cut is resurging as a top trend, especially in Western and ASEAN countries. This ultra-short style, influenced by the Y2K trend, is both edgy and simple. Maintaining an even length all around, it offers a sharp.

Perm, Curly Hair:

Perms and curly hair are making a bold comeback, reflecting a desire for adventurous and fresh styles. Whether adding curls to short hair or enhancing longer locks, this trend offers versatility and dynamic change.

Curly Undercut, Spain Curls:

The curly undercut, including the emerging "Spain curl" trend, is captivating the fashion world with its bold and multidimensional look. This style combines sharp barber cuts or short mullets with dynamic curls, creating a striking.

Curly Mullet:

The curly mullet is experiencing a resurgence, especially in Europe, the US, and East Asia. This style revitalizes the classic mullet with pronounced ridges and permed curls.